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Sunday, March 14th 2010

9:02 AM

Great Weekend at the club

Our weekends in Hong Kong continue to grow from strengh to strengh.The club was packed and happening this weekend. I would to say a special thank you to all the fans who continue to come out and show their support.Love you guys and gals.

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Saturday, August 15th 2009

4:25 AM

Join me on Facebook

Wendy Robin on Facebook
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Sunday, August 2nd 2009

1:49 PM

BBQ at my friends

Enjoying a BBQ at my friends house. It is her son's B-day.My fiance' payed for those beers next day with a nice hangover.Still hard to go to they gym though.i was ready for my two hours.No alcohol in this body getting ready for my performance.What a lovely relaxing day it was though the simple things in life.

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Thursday, July 9th 2009

4:03 AM

My B-day

Well tomorrow is my B-day and I must say I feel blessed . First of all for seeing another year. Secondly to have the love of my family and the love of Ivan in my life.I also have lovely friends all the way back to my childhood which is so special too me.

Tomorrow I will be enjoying my B-day to the fullest....Will keep you posted.

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Saturday, June 27th 2009

8:34 AM

Michael Jackson RIP

Whether you are a fan of MJ or not I do not think there is anyone on this planet who was not surprised by hearing of his death.I have so many DVDs of his live performances and I consider him a major influence musically and entertainment wise.

MJ is irreplaceable

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Tuesday, April 28th 2009

4:38 AM

Partying with old friends

Hanging out with Lorraine Hahn an old friend and former CNN and CNBC anchorwoman.

Meet two former beauty queens,brainy,talented and assertive women.

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Wednesday, April 22nd 2009

2:45 PM

My Contrractendsin two weeks

After 10 months of performing 6 nights a week I think I deserve a little break.I will be heading back to Canada to spend some time with the family,do some music promotion then back to Asia again.I will be hooking up with some BIG name Hong Kong artists so stay tuned for these developments .I will be blogging about them and my journey as things progress.

In the meantime stay safe and positive

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Monday, April 20th 2009

11:51 AM

Songs Available on Napster,Itunes,Ammazon

Some of my songs are now available on Itunes,Amazon,Napster etc..There are allot more to come and I will make them available to you.I am also working on a Beautiful Online Store in which my CDs will be made available to you...

Check this out

Midnight Train To Georgia
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Sunday, April 12th 2009

11:51 AM

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone.I hope you had a lovely time with your loved ones,friends and everyone that means something in your life. My band and myself performed for the kids at the Excelsior hotel and it was really special.The kids had fun and like big kids we had fun also.Enjoy those Easter chocolates...

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